What Caught My Eye at Build 2016

I’ve been watching Build 2016 via Channel 9 over the past few days and couldn’t be more excited about some of the recent announcements.  I know I am not the first and nor will I be the last person to post updates to their blog regarding this event, but the sheer volume of awesome things I’ve seen compelled me to write about it.  Needless to say, it will probably take me a while to get up to speed on all of the new advancements, but stay tuned to my blog and I’ll start blogging some of my findings as I start to get more hands on with all of this.


What Caught My Eye

Here are a couple links and descriptions for some of the cool things that caught my eye during yesterday’s and today’s presentations

Xamarin is now available for MSDN subscribers!  Yep, you heard that right.  Go check out your MSDN subscriptions page and download Visual Studio 2015 with Update 2 or Xamarin Studio for OSX.  Here is a link to a post where Scott Guthrie summarizes his keynotes from day 2.  There are some other cool announcements in this post as well.



General availability of Service Fabric.  Still need to check this out.  I looked at the framework back in October, but it seems that the UI and VisualStudio tooling has vastly improved with this GA release.  This is touted to be a great microservices platform and is tested in the field.  It is the core platform that drives many of Azure’s SaaS & PaaS offerings such as SQL Azure.


Can now run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows!  I’m really excited about this as I have used CygWin (and more recently Babun) for many years now in order to leverage a bash shell from my Windows machines.  The feature will be available in a future update to Windows 10.  Can’t wait!


Ability to Debug .NET Core in Docker containers!  Scott gave a live demo of this during his presentation and displayed his ability to view watches for local variables and even fixed a bug.  For more information, check out Hanselman’s video on 3/31 for ASP.NET Core.  I’ll send a link once I get my hands on one.


Future version of VisualStudio will enable developer to F12 into the code behind for open source third party libraries.  This feature is made possible through the use of GitHub.  The feature will enable developers to drill down into code behind from the VisualStudio IDE for third party libraries like JSON.NET.  For more information, check out Scott’s Build 2016 presentation “.NET Overview”.  In addition, the feature can also index code in your local TFS Source Control and provide a similar features for any library references it can find source for.  Now that’s pretty cool!  Now go out and start getting rid of those 18 project solutions and start added references to compiled common DLL’s that have source code in TFS.


Azure IoT Starter Kits Most of these kits were already purchasable, but Microsoft added a lot of great tutorials and documentation today for the Pi 2 and several others.



Hope that everyone else out there is enjoying Build 2016 as much as I am.  Thank you Microsoft and Channel 9 for working together to live stream this event.  Really looking forward to more talks tomorrow regarding .NET Core and ASP.NET Core Deep Dive into MVC.

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